Organize your reading; features include cataloging, book reviews, search for books, literary events, and author profiles. In addition, organize book club meetings, poll members for the following book selection, and share your opinions. This data will be stored on your phone and will be private.

BookSmart Prototype

Booksmart prototype - press play


Visualizing career opportunities Jobhopper is an application for analyzing and querying occupational mobility and outside options data sets to help workers, public sector professionals, and policymakers to improve career training, paths, and mobility options. Created through Code for Boston helping the public to access government information.

Jobhopper Prototype

Jobhopper prototype - press play


WPI Hall of Luminaries

The Hall of Luminaries identity program and interactive exhibit for Worcester Polytechnic Institute honoring their alumni

Work and Culture Prototype

This multi-touch gestural interface uses the Blackstone River as a metaphor for change; visitors learn about how the mills changed the historical landscape.


Work and Culture Touch Screen

Exhibit with interactive experiences about the mills that shaped the city, the lives, and culture of its people.

Work and Culture Data Visualization

Video of an on-screen experience, a digital database created by museum visitors drives the display of historic mill worker cards

Tufts University Design System

Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Tufts University Touch Screen

Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Tufts University Environmental Graphics

Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Roxbury Identity

The Dillaway Thomas House stands today as a symbol of the enduring spirit of Roxbury.

Roxbury The Siege of Boston

During the first year of the Revolutionary War, this house served as headquarters for General John Thomas, who commanded the American force that protected the only land route out of Boston.

Roxbury Amos Adams

Twenty-five years old and fresh out of Harvard Divinity School, Amos Adams arrived in Roxbury in 1753 to become pastor of the First Church in Roxbury.

Roxbury Evolution

Screen for a 55” interactive touch table showing the evolution of Roxbury at the historic Dillaway-Thomas House, Roxbury Heritage State Park

plymouth 400 cover

Plymouth 1620-2020

An experiential exhibit developed with Plimoth Plantation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, and the Wampanoag Nation.

Silver Lake Nature Center

Web site to promote an exhibit while it was under development for Silver Lake Nature Center

Silver Lake Earthship

Sustainability panel for exhibit at the first Earthship on the east coast at Silver Lake Nature Center

Library of Congress

Created logo, banners, printed materials, and web assets for an exhibit at the Library of Congress.

cfo tablet

CFO Magazine

Created editorial publications and marketing pieces for national newsstand magazines.